You like I say but let’s go see what’s for lunch with Emilio Malati’s today after lunch we’ll be having soda popcorn just kidding for real doll we’re having string cheese apple slices and milk there’s pink of Nevada is sponsoring a video contest for students aged 13 to 18 students are asked to submit a creative video about the importance.

On saving money and using money wisely the videos are due through the December 31st prizes up to five thousand dollars will be rewarded Seamans brothers in for a fire if you want.

More information good luck Roger today’s weather is a high of 67 and a low 43 so we’re you jack what’s up buddy what’s happening hot stuff today well we asking students what’s the first I know what’s the first letter rechristening um see for chores Jana Jana what’s the first letter because you think it was Ashley Ashley what’s up Chris little girl crushes name Oh what’s your Christmas Sam.

Ruben what’s the first letter of your krish’s name today I’m here today I’m here a Western Western what’s the French that every Christian name yes hi guys I’m a loner not anymore Thank You Jimmy dog I need keeping your eye on what matters.

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