Hey guys this is ps4 games 9 4 5 and as you can see by up there on the screen it shows that I am in a discord call so yeah we actually have a couple of people in the discord call so why don’t you guys say hi which elusive I of what it seems like you hear mics not.
Working so let me edit it edit the intro but oh what’s up guys.

You already did the intro so I would no need to do that anymore so yeah as you can see.

Guys loose ative did say hi so yeah let’s get back to how the screen was for so yeah guys I’m gonna I’m saying sub to ps3 yeah thank you and all around guys and yeah but guys the main reason I’m making this video is for a few reasons one I’ve looked at all the.

Stats on this channel and yeah spread out both of those hashtags hashtag sub the PSA and hashtag sub Blood wire now you want to look at.

The social blade C’s better not in this video well at least my perspective but guys I am going to be sadly enough by the end of.

This month this channel will sadly be deleted but I am gonna be coming back better.

Than ever on a new channel so that new channel will be linked down down in the description down below so make sure you.

Go to it it’ll be a lot more professional and it’ll be better and yeah so that’s announcement number one I’m starting completely over a new channel and everything and yeah and I will for most of my videos be the editor but sometimes for like PvP type of videos I’ll probably have my friend supposes.

Be editing those because he makes those montages really amazing so oh yeah I’ll definitely give.

You a chance we’ll try yeah which actually guys to make it look a little bit more realistic somewhat I.

Look to my other monitor which is over here I’m looking at discord so instead of the discord interview type of stuff being over here I changed it to over here so then it looks somewhat a little bit better and more proper.

So yeah but yeah guys for my next announcement anyways next announcement is that I’ve revamped my staff for my.

Server goober HCF a bunch of times and I told them and I’ve told them a living crap ton it’s been fun in 3.

Not a new record I’ve gone psycho in less than a second before so why do you think I need to go to a to an insane asylum.

I have no idea but my mom doesn’t go to my mom she’s yeah well anyways guys so yes and.

I already said announcement number two which is about uber pvp of how i’ve revamped the staff and stuff and then third announcement is that i’m hoping to release my server uber HCF hopefully by christmas but if not by christmas then definitely by the end of january so because within the next two to three weeks i have a total of ten to.

Eleven days off so I’ll be going extremely ham on the developing on that plus I am later today or tomorrow I’ll be starting to learn Java so then I can custom code my own plugins and all be custom coding my own band plug-in and stuff like that so yeah so basically Tony will probably be revamping the.

Staff one more final time yeah Christmas yeah currently what it’s looking at me Alyssa so I’m good I’m going to be platform admin and then he is going to be yeah and then okay elicit it will be I think it’s mod it’s temporarily gonna be mod but possibly promoted to your senior.

Mod there you go and then so we could possibly have it done before Christmas but no there’s no guarantee but it should be around the Christmas or spring time yeah around there definitely so yeah that’s the main announcements so if you guys have anything else to be saying for this vlog then and you can go ahead and say it alright so basically the maintenance well it’s not powered up but if you power it up we.

Can see that like they map but the maintenance is like a.

Lot of people I’ve been putting some hard work yeah mainly man born on a highway here but there has been a couple of other people that’s helped us every here.

There so yeah but due to me not having the server online hosted I’ve been the one doing the configs and stuff like.

Doing the actual typing but every so often I will be in discord calls be sharing my screen and then they can help me do some stuff when I get when I get some money I’ll pay for yeah that’s what Kayden was thinking to do that once he gets the money then he’ll be getting the server hosted yeah so yeah that’s yep so yeah you.

Can add me on discord which I’m I don’t think I’ve been putting it in the description lately but you can add me on discord if you do have this cord which my tag as it says in the chat here is ps4 games 91 hashtag to 275.

So you can add me and you can add me also I have no idea because I have no idea what my tag is because it does not say for me I have no idea my stream remote is enabled isn’t that fantastic we’re good that’s tag so go ahead and we’re not for sure this is not the exact date but it’d be around this around January around January 30th or December 30th around there would be.

At the time so I would say like January like 15th or something would probably be the release.

Date she’ll just stay around that time we’ll be aiming for that but there’s no guarantee you guys yeah yeah the the release time will be Eastern Standard Time which guys I do have discord filling up my face right now so I’m sorry about that but I do want to show you something on discord which is right here this is my alt which I’ve only showed to Lucas codes check them out he’s restarting his YouTube.

Channel as well new channel new everything and yeah this is my alt so let me get the tag for this which is quite easy that’s his tag.

Can let me put it in here so then you guys can friend it which I have that’s the my alt Kord account which I have on my phone right now but over time I’ll probably switch it over to my computer so then I don’t get living shit’s spammed like I normally do so yeah and I won’t be accepting every last person yeah for might just join the discord which after this I’ll be adding a block called Dino and.

Whoever joins after I’ve added added Dino and config dit then by default once you join you will automatically have member so then you can see all the channels and stuff so this will be in the description or just join it in general and have some fun so January 15th aiming around there hope you.

Guys do have a great day if you do then we’ll congrats and then yeah but that’s I think that’s all we have to showcase for today so I put it back to how it was and yeah guys I’m gonna end the video here it’s been a lot longer than what I wanted but it’s all good it’s fine but yeah this is gonna be the last video of this channel guys so hope you guys enjoyed this channel again I will be.

Coming back on a new channel better than ever and yeah guys make sure to discord so yeah guys laughs.

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