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Clair soft com welcome to Mac notables this is the home of the back expert you want to hear from that I’m Chuck Joyner the mac notables are in the pond lofts at.

The mac morale boost at macworld conference & expo and joining us this time we have mr.

adam expected bits in trade control hello jack good daddy and mr.

Also in that world you don’t jerk I’m doing kitchen good to see you Jim you got all kind of time up on the big screen this morning at the fee no I heard that I love.

The beer i thought either this deal I yeah yeah there’s this gym again people people were coming up to when I walked in here today I cited the kingdom which is.

Like well yeah course I was that they can know in the big screen so almost as much times Al Gore okay well they didn’t they kind of cut from gym to out Lord to top of I you know that I didn’t quite get the level of the production.

But I you gonna pay more attention I just just everyone have actually been.

Working to my normal use my macbook battery died at 30 minutes I work this thing you need to another new 17 inch and ethnic vote for the new 13-inch oxygen didn’t work it okay kina guys what’s uh what’s the consensus maybe there is Nina there is no because I don’t think that there is a concealed.

Cash but I think that we both have valid points for the arguments okay i mean the the adjective will use was lackluster and it wasn’t the phil did a bad job it was that apple has set a very high bar for keynotes and by not in any way prepping people for we don’t have something like we have due for a really glue keynote you couldn’t help but be oh you’ve got some new features and.

Some of your programs how nice you know nothing wrong with that but it’s not the level of.

What we’ve become accustomed to Apple.

Doing for a keynote and in Apple’s going it’s sort of like you know it’s like a little bit like Walter de animals to expectations if you’re not going to set expectations and then you radically underperform you’re going to get hammered to see item is.

Clearly well still go back how are you going here because I think Apple pin set expectations and they set expectations with this by Steve not coming and not doing.

The keynote so expectations should have been a lot lower but there’s like they didn’t excel I steep wasn’t coming and then they threw the.

Whole oh but I have a hormone imbalance letter I really don’t think that they set expectations when they set the expectations by saying that Steve wasn’t going to be there now I think that reasonable people would assume that my life was going to be here and I work was going to be here and you know so I think that we went in knowing that.

These are the types of things that Apple was going to release I you know.

The face recognition the geo-tagging I think are great updates the integration facebook and flickr all great.

Things was there a new iphone no did we expect one I don’t think so no I didn’t I didn’t expect the new iphone with whether it’s neither.

A brand new ipod to redesign you know they they updated some things and I think they gave us some things two to one today see how I tend to agree that a little but because Apple has been sending message for a long time I’m so much for the professionalism did they get investment no that’s true that’s true no Nate danger what not wanted to stay on this annual cycle.

Is one you know always having to announce the biggest coolest thing of mccormicks but they want to put.

It out when they want to put out what makes sense so they’ve started off they finish it off by giving a kind of mediocre steps and announcements when they would you want to go that bang as you were going to give it happened doesn’t perceive it as going out will the news today yeah I mean social are even said he didn’t say.

The last method were participating I think it’s the last macworld ever yeah you know he was you know another way he did say everywhere exam kids in glasses is it the last one no big your stuff up yeah stop right before Tony Bennett right singing you know the best is.

You have to come because but it’s coming from apple and not polluted a macro bolts were never coming back those are hurting samples yeah right you hosers oh look good Canadian the year I’m what they can I need another kind of talking in yet get.

My vodka isn’t kicking up and you two are not help this we’ll never make it there everything oh it’s going there we’re not a banana well there does seem to.

Be some disagreement between you two about the geo tagging and faces and places and some of those things faces is cool this face is kind of assuming it works you know and most.

Won’t know that until late January when it actually ships the car they didn’t have it ready for the show which might be why they’re not trying to get out of actually coming to show us but I can’t get stuff ready in time but the I mean the geo-tagging i don’t know i mean i.

Just had yet to see a time when i would use it it just feels to me like I know where I was you know I know most of my photos are taken when I’ve been a very tight radius of where I live and you know so maybe it’s useful when I travel to another country where I might forgotten where I was.

Or you know the little things you can do with.

The travel books is kind of need or an iMovie where you can now get the you know you know showing the the path you took for things it’s cool sure but is it going to take the way this program not in the slightest I don’t think it’s a boat boot necessarily remembering where you were unless you’re you know I heavy drinker and you’re going to nap in photos and don’t know.

Where you were and you wanted to ten geotag them I think it’s about changing the way that you use the application but letting the application change that for you so you have pictures they’re all geotagged you have face recognition so that they’re all named and then you can start to use the application in a different way because now you can say oh I went.

On vacation in Rome I really need to want to look at a Rome pitcher you know from the Coliseum we don’t have to search.

Through 300 pitches you can just search for the pictures that are in Rome not your.

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