Oh hello there this is hurry dicks and some bad news I gotta tell so first of all I’m gonna change this into you know my mobile legends mean AGI boy for six so some of the videos like Minecraft videos I’m not gonna delete them but one of them will be deleted so I’m sorry about it but don’t worry.

I’m always streaming Popeye legends sometimes I always have this streaming open but you know sometimes I’m not that really open for you guys I do I always do a.

Party but not really even if I bring my phone to school that’s it like god dang what am i doing what am i bringing I’m just here to tell my friend that I want to have a party with them or just ranked up the Grand Master you know so yeah it kinda sucks for.

Me even me I’m just here at outside you can see there’s a store there yeah so it’ll be it but I’ll be streaming.

For what I call it for some mobile religions trust me if you want to wind up with me just calm down your ID here IGN.

And I’ll try to check if it’s really you oh yeah but we don’t forget to that comment what cut.

What country you’re from then if you are using a customized country then okay I’ll.

You all right I’ll be ahead now Pete’s oh wait not that oh and lastly I think I quit I couldn’t picture the future go so sorry so that Henry I’ll be go ahead goodbye oh no it’s a double it will never be a triple mother.

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