That’s test Mic Check one two one two well good morning iced tea 192 I hope you’re having a super-duper morning so far this is principal bird and I’m vice principal Pickens staff to the morning announcements right now so for all you new staff members out there just a little fYI that we have been voted the most entertaining and.

Musical morning announcement duo in the South metro area this little secret that includes 196 we like to take popular songs and put.

Our own Farmington high spin on things well mr.

Pickens without further thank you god bless ya I’m allergic to a fun time let’s get down to our first order of beeswax meow meow meow meow better answer that I heard from an anonymous little kitty named mr. pack our that summer students may be too noisy in class here’s a reminder to all those chatterboxes out there both please raise your hand autistic side Leslie is talking in.
Distress so please shut up Thank You Platt.

For me all students that should work cry and leave shut up for deep tension well.

I forgot to ask your principal Berg how you doing I’m doing great this morning specially now that I got my cup of coffee ok moving right along it has come to our attention that some students have been playing hooky and skipping class sup with that we just want to remind those students that we do not take those actions lightly don’t in fact if you’re skip then I’ll go crazy and I’ll go.

Watch me watch me watch me watch me if you skip I’m gonna go crap I’m going crazy crazy mr.

Pickens I kind of got away from you didn’t it that song.

Will do that to people as a matter of fact that is my favorite song by a popular Irish name cilantro I think it’s salento.

Well I like those salsas too so well that’s all we have for you to us I end up our morning announcements have a great day ISDN 192.

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