There she goes again singing on her phone a little bit more engaged it’s a deal I don’t wanna be here if it’s not you maybe it’s me my boy what another morning think it’s about time you spice things up a bit with the vetos salsa verde pumpkin spice latte seasons coming up what more can I say so apparently.

Wi-Fi isn’t free I need money for glasses no I can see what to help young men and women with their first.

World problems for a small donation of $300 per month I mean.

II love your choice can be given a fighting chance adopt a millennial today how are we being again are you cheating on me ready you might have guessed it coca-cola saudasa has bottle coca-cola since 1897 bod hasta is also the second oldest coca-cola bottling organization in the United States in relation to our 50th anniversary oftentimes we’ll begin a bursary there’s been a publication but someone else did it for us this year published this year 2017 is this book.

Called the coca-cola trail and the author mr.

Jorgensen from Louisiana contacted the museum once he learned that Valdosta was the second place in the world to bottle coca-cola not have coca-cola but to bottle it his goal was to cover the information on coca-cola that’s not in Atlanta which is the big corporate headquarters but we were very pleased to find out that of all the places he put on the coca-cola trail in the United States chapter number four is Valdosta Georgia his.

Course Valdosta was sent from this museum because we have a having extensive archives all know coca-cola here about my stuff bottling company now when all this became would became.

Exposed it’s when they built a new coca-cola bottling plant in the 1950s I don’t actually Street here.

In Valdosta and the coca-cola bottler magazine ran a feature on it and in that magazine from 1897 from the Valdosta Daily Times stated that they were selling coke in bottles now how they began modeling here early was as you can see this example of the stopper top they call that the Hutchinson bottling system Coca Cola was not real keen on Hutchinson stopper system because they were afraid there was so much competition in the 1890s for listen what few would make.

It and become the standard brands they were very worried people would get this product home in this stopper bottle and it it loses its carbonation and go flat and people say coca-cola is not a good product but.

After the place in Mississippi that first began modeling homes in Barbour here did become.

The second place and were most successful at bottling of at bottling coca-cola and just to share a head was run dear that action shows that homes in Barbour were the first place in Georgia to use the.

Crown bottling system stories along the highway include the composer of jingle.

Bells James Lord Pierpont living in Savannah Valdosta in Quitman Valdosta being the second place in the world to bottle coca-cola in peanuts being an important being important to the South Georgia economy so it may be said if you drive us 84 singing jingle jingle bells while munching on.

Peanuts and sipping coca-cola you’re doing something very appropriately to the Wiregrass Georgia Parkway here at the Humane Society our mission is to prevent the abuse and placement of animals and stressful situations we are able to house and shelter animals when local shelters don’t have the resources to with.

Your help and monthly gift we can band together to help rescue and nurture these animals in need please donate now and help these animals get the chance they rightfully deserve hey dude can’t run if you can’t get in the air in those lungs when I try easy peasy.

The AmeriCorps up that opens up your Airways just rub it on your neck take a deep breath and you’re good to.

Go it’s easy-peasy to breathe easy Wow Andre you can just email me this instead of destroy the tree I’m just ready to be done with your project finally have my thinking yeah well speaking a lot is there any significant person missing a eulogy what you know a boyfriend oh no I haven’t really met anyone intriguing you well there it is sweet.

Girl she’s kind of cute she’s smart but it kind of feels like we’re finish up this project you’re so painting but like Bravo we should definitely hang out I’ll think about it okey thanks mommy like that’s her how can she even hear you at all easy.

I got the best of you that’s how why Patrol the best thing you could have had was controlling yourself you lost it I have the.

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