Hello everyone I’d like to say a very warm welcome to all of you and thank you for joining us here in this very special venue this afternoon also like to say warm welcome to all of those who are joining us on the live cast and lastly a special hello and welcome to some of our great partners who’ve joined.

Us today today is another very special day for us because we are going to welcome.

Our latest member to our Nokia Android smartphone family we’ve seen really tremendous momentum with our Nokia smartphones across the world and also especially here in Europe and I’m delighted to share with you that we are already among the top 5 smartphone brands here in Europe including.

In the UK and this makes us one of the fastest growing players in the industry we’re truly humbled by that but also a little bit proud and we think this is also a testimony of the fact that we’ve been able to deliver on our on the expectations from our fans we.
Truly think of ourselves as a brand that is built on the love of our.

Fans today millions of fans directly engage with us on our Nokia mobile app on our social channels we have more than 70,000 beta lab users across the world and they are helping us really deliver.

Continuously on our promise of a pure secure and up-to-date Android experience and we’re really grateful for to all of you for this continuous support your feedback is extremely valuable we really appreciate your insights and also your great loyalty and love thank you so much to all our fans and beat elopes users.

Out there this summer we’ve started to shift gears in August with the introduction of the nokia 6 plus and Nokia 5 plus we promised that you would see a bolder and sometimes even a bit aggressive HMD both nokia 6 plus and nokia 5 plus have received a tremendous response in the markets in which we are selling in India and as you know this was the market where we introduced these phones first Nokia 6 plus sold out every single time it went on.

Sale and this early success of both of these devices has only strengthened our resolve to offer smart phones that truly bring.

Exceptional value both in terms of features and price and today will mark another key step in this journey today you will see us Double Down.

Our efforts for operator markets especially here in Europe we will continue to team up with the best in the industry to accelerate our momentum and we are already been working with the leading operators.

In the markets to make sure that the fans can get their hands on the latest Nokia smartphones we continue to strengthen these partnerships with every single product we launch I’m delighted to tell you that with our newest addition to the Nokia smartphone lineup this was going to be our most widely ranged smartphone here across Europe but in.

Addition to our consumer play our proposition of pure secure and up-to-date Android coupled with the distinctive premium design and quality promise of Nokia and with our portfolio.

Approach covering key price points we are also becoming more and more a great choice for many many enterprise customers and this.

Is a theme we’re gonna talk more in the future but now without further ado.

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