You know an EMS and here your daily announcements spell Bowl practice will be it will be a Tuesday in room 11 20 after school 2:30 to 4:00 3:45 there’ll be no activity bus so please make arrangements for right at 3:45 from door 1 please check school email for more details on this week’s competition an EMS 7/8 but if.
Boys basketball tries to be held on the following dates from 3 to 5 p.
7th grade in East Jim 8th and main gym Monday October 22nd Tuesday October 23rd and Wednesday.

October 24th if you missed a caller you can pick up information in student services bus buddy SR first at first out of school gathering is this Saturday October 27th at Russell farms beginning at 10:00 a.
Are welcome to and encouraged to come no charge for a mission and they’re.

Your daily announcements have a list have a wonderful rest of your day hi I understand that the students at Noblesville East Middle School have been tuning in to these jokes well this is for you guys thanks to mr. ruble teacher extraordinaire for this joke how do spiders communicate today for the worldwide you.

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