Hello and welcome to episode 10 of my working with Evernote series in this episode I want to show you the basics of Evernote search now the reason I’m going to have to break this down is Evernote’s search is probably its strongest feature and there are so much that you can do with Evernote search that I need to break.

This down or else it’s just going to become an incredibly long video and become quite complex.

So in today’s episode I want just to show you the basics of Evernote search and then in future episodes maybe over.

The next one or two episodes I will go into a little bit more depth of what you can do in Evernote search now for this purpose.

Of this episode I just want to show you the basics of Evernote search now for those of.

You have been following me on this series you probably know that I have a secret obsession with James Bond this started when I was 11.

Years old and I started reading the books and I remember going to see my first James Bond movies when I was 12 years old and.

I was actually very lucky I think it was it will be around about 1980 to 1983 and in that year we had Octopussy with Roger Moore and never say never again with Sean Connery but there I am showing off my obsession and knowledge of all things James Bond but the purpose of this video.

Of course is to show you the search so let me go into the search notes and I’m going to search James Bond now I’ve actually done this already but all I need to do is.

Type in James Lee James Bond there we go and all my notes come up so I now have a.

Hundred eighty six notes that all refer to James Bond now the thing I want to show you about this is now let’s be honest here this is something that I probably want to save for future for a future date and what I can do is I can.

Now I believe in Windows this is slightly different in fact in Windows you I believe you just click on the plus icon and that will save you the search now I use an Apple computer.

And therefore I have to go into my edit and then go down to find and it said find and then click Save Search and I’m going to title this James Bond and that is now saved so if I click out of that now if I click on my search notes you’ll see that I have down here I.

Have a number of searches that I’ve previously saved in this case I’ve got James Bond and I can click on that and it will bring up all the notes related to James Bond now the beauty and as.

I say one of the overlooked things about Evernote is often the search functionality in Evernote one of the things I can do now is no matter how many more notes I add.

That are related to James Bond that will automatically update so I can always go in and I can always check.

To see whatever the latest things are and something that I.

Was going to save for a later date but I’m so excited about it I’m going to show you it now what I can do is I can go into my save search here and I can just drag that over to my shortcuts and now I have my saved search in shortcuts so whenever I want to if I.

Want to check this on a daily basis a weekly basis I can have that set up in my shortcuts.

List so this is the the basics of search in Evernote there are so much more things you can do with this you can search by tag you can search by.

Multiple words and I’m going to cover that in future episodes but for.

Today I just wanted to introduce you to the basics of Evernote search and we will move into.
The more into deeper functionality of the a search in.

Evernote in the next couple of episodes I hope you found this useful if it didn’t blow your mind I don’t know what what will so join me again in episode 11 where I’ll go into a little bit more detail on what you can do with Evernote search just before I go just let me remind you that if I just go into this my recent searches let’s say okay James Bond shows there’s only three here I want.

Let’s imagine I want to save this particular note remember on on the Mac it’s a little bit.
More complex you going to edit.

Down to find and then down to swoop down to find and then save the search okay so don’t forget join me again in episode 11 where are going to a little bit more depth on searches in Evernote but until then have an amazingly productive week and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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