I actually was only told last year that I am dyslexic.

I would have sweats when I wasgiven a method statement of how I’m going to safely carry out this job and for me to then do a risk assessmenton the method statements was going from frying pan to fire.
We have around 39,000 peopleworking for Network Rail and that consists.

Of different roles both inside an office environmentand also outside operationally 24/7.

Of genders, of ethnicities, of capabilities andpeople who are disabled and nondisabled.
Diversity and inclusion is about helpingthose.

Full potential but also servicing that diversecustomer base that we have.

We need to make sure that we are being compliant and at minimum we are compliant but we do a lot more above and beyond that to make employees feel protectedand included at work.

Through the equality act of 2010.

Diversity and inclusion became a lotmore prominent within the organisation and then we started looking atproactively introducing solutions.

That would help all the colleagues thatmay need assistive technology. Read&Write for our organisationand all our colleagues is.

Support technology that helpsthem with their literacy needs. It’s all about giving them the capabilityto become more effective. It could reduce stress, they become.

More productive, it reduces absenteeism. It’s all about the wellbeing of the individual and we try to address that proactivelythrough Read&Write. Read&Write has been very helpful to us because not.

Only does it demonstrate to ourworkforce that we do care about them and we do.

Want to find ways that help them improvetheir performance and reach their full potential. We live in a fast paced world people areaccessing information in all sorts of places.

Now whether that be in the office or whetherit be our people working trackside. When I work from home, I put on the speaker and I listen as I’m typingso I hear the errors before I.

And I can edit as I’m going alongwhich is obviously a time saver. The functionality is hugely powerful. you can really tailor it to yourown personal challenges, to your own strengths and weaknesses. To find a software like this thatwould help me in my.

Day to day life with every aspect from doingmy most basic of tasks to doing a NVQ, a diploma and so forthto further my career within the railway. We’ve had graduates that havejoined us.

And they went: ‘this is just amazing’. ‘this has made my life so much easier’.

First time thatwe were aware of Read&Write, its capabilities and its wayit could support colleagues it became evident that we neededto deploy an enterprise wide solution. Immediately we thought ‘this needs tobe available to everyone in Network Rail’. The way we try to promote it is it’s for everyone. You don’t have to be dyslexic to use.

Read&Write you could be just anyone looking at a screen for 8 hours. So that doesn’t relate to any disabilityit’s just a normal working life.

Spell check or readingassistant that I have found that even exists and read write really did changehow I go about my daily life. It’s just something that I havefound has made my life easier, my job easier, everything I do with regards. So why would you live making something difficult when you know there is something so good that exists.

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