Welcome to episode two of how I keep productive and today I’m going to talk about to-do list hi I’m Aaron Jones and welcome to episode two of how I keep productive and today I’m going to talk about my task manager the program that I used to keep all my tasks in order and that is to do it if.
You watch my channel before you I have.

This before but I’m gonna show you how.

I use it on a day-to-day basis now I’m not going to show you the technical details of how it works if you want to learn how to use it in detail I recommend Carl Pauline’s channel I’ll put the link down in the description below he’s got a great series and.

Not only that he’s got books about how to learn this so we’ll check his channel out and you can get all the information there to get the details about this but the things I use and how I use it can work not just with two duis but they will work with any task manager it be it some of the.

Other ones that are out there as well as by just doing a bullet journal as well this could work that way so I’m going to instead of talking about it I’m going to show you on screen I’m gonna show you the Mac application version but I do use it on.
My iPhone I do use the Apple watch at times and I also use the web.

Version so let’s get into the screen broadcast part of this episode let’s go okay so I’m going to go through my setup here on todoist on my computer I’m gonna try not to show any private things and so basically I have my inbox I.

Today I have three tasks to complete and one of them is being this video and the next seven days I have here this.

Is a Saturday just so you know recording this on a Saturday evening and I do my weekly reviews on the Sunday and so this will be updated and so I’m gonna.

Show you how I have it set up all I can say I’ve recently got enlightenment anyways I have tickler for keeping some things I need to keep in my mind every day then I have my routines set up like this or have a routine is our daily the weekly routines then I have a folder for my work just one.

Work and then for home I have several different ones I have a clean open room.

Because I’m working on cleaning this.

Room I have three things left to complete that and I have a.

Shopping list this is for everyday shopping that I use here in my hometown and I use a labels to locate.

The shops where different things are bought and I have a Costco one in.

The Costco one I don’t use label for I have just this one because that’s how I originally had set it.

Up so I just kept it that way because Costco is not located near me and it’s a special trip and so Costco gets its own project and that I fill out every whenever I think of something I need to buy at Costco it goes in there and.

Then I look through the sales before I.

Go and then put that in there there are six things in there and the next time going there’s in the in June and it’s now March but in three months I’m going but.

I already have six things I need to get when I go to Costco next time then I have my personal section where I have I haven’t used this much for these ones I set this up a long time ago I have movies to watch and video YouTube videos to watch this is YouTube videos to watch and books to read but.

I actually really filled this out that much I’ve been doing that in Evernote but I have this here if I ever think of anything I’ll put it in there but I haven’t been using it for that that much and then I have my areas of focus section and this is all under separate areas of focus and if you want to break down.

On this is this a getting things done and but David Allen you can go and check that out as well as I mentioned Caryl Pauline he talks a lot about this stuff.

On his videos so you to find out these ones I’m just showing you right now how I haven’t set up and then.

I’m gonna talk to you about how I do use this every day and then I have YouTube things that I want to do in YouTube 104 lot of these of processes about when I’m making a video I have aquarium for my aquarium now these are mostly routine tasks I don’t I keep them separate from my daily routines I have a separate.

One for my aquarium right now there’s only three things in there I don’t think there are any things to specific because it’s not a big I don’t happen to be plans for that right now so basically its water changes checking the water and buying filter supplies and then have some stuff from magic in here I haven’t used this one for a while I.

Have some stuff for a new show but I have a lot of this written down on paper and it’s an Evernote rather than the task list and once I have that projects filled out I will go through here and do it but actually this.

Project here is mostly I’m being using it in Evernote at the moment then I have goals if I have my 20 18 goals and I usually have this one because I have goals I want to do all year and I have this set up now I had a put this one as a main one because I’m going to.

Do some other stuff so I have some ideas for that I eventually will put in here that’s like for this someday maybe when I have a goal that I want to accomplish that year here these are small goals that I want to accomplish that I don’t have a method for but something I want to get done or I.

Want to see or visit in this year so I just put that in there and so I don’t forget because sometimes I forget.

And in time flies and so that’s basically how I have it set up and then how I use it on a daily day-to-day basis and a lot of that is when I’m doing I’m at work so I’m using the work one and I use this on the internet version the web-based version and I put information in there I have a lot of tasks that I.

Have to do a lot of every day and I put them in there and I put the label at work and I do a check in the morning and then when I get to the office I check through what I have to do what it has to be done in the morning and then I go through my emails and then any emails that are in that I have.

To reply to I put a note in to to do is that I have to get through that that day and then some other important work I’ll have to do and then as I go every hour or.

Okay that one’s done I checked that one off because I do have a lot of tasks so I don’t want to forget I can’t forget them because a lot of the stuff that neither I do in my and one of.

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