My job’s is very timely based that means I have a limited time to do it so it has to be done and I can’t forget to do it otherwise there’ll be a.

Big problem and so I have a like a routine list that I go through and I finished that one two three step.

Now I could do it from my head.

But I’m getting old so I used this program to do this to do that and then I will add.

If I have something for shopping I’ll add that in I’ll put.

Inbox and then at night time I come back and I’ll have a daily review and I will filter that out I also add things in and that I haven’t done for the next day work items work items I also fill in as I can when I have a free moment I usually have a every.

Hour or every two hours I’ll have a little break in my mind and I’ll go through what I have to catch up on what I need to add for.

Meet the deadlines I have to be finished either on that day or a certain time it’s hard to explain this job so that will go into the into the program and having it on the.

Apple watch is very useful because sometimes I’m driving and you can’t use a car I can just turn on the application on my Apple watch and now with Siri integration adding tasks is very easy that way and in my house I’ve.

Also started experimenting with the Google home I bought a Google home in Japan it was on sale my wife.

Found it very cheap and there’s a if-then then that thing that I linked to it and I can add tasks when I think.

Of it in my house by saying okay blah blah blah and then add the task into the inbox.

In todoist this is my life brain this program is one of the best programs I discovered I use it every day and I know how to use it now there are a lot of ways to do it I’m very very how you say very gritty when I use it everything goes in I’m not so elegant there.

A lot of people who are very elegant with their filters and labels I do have them I do use them for filtering and when I go.

To different places so if I go to the hundred yen shop I do have 100 yen shop label that I click and all my things are on Henry and Shop but other than that this is.

Basically how I do it I mostly stay in the area here the home and work area and that’s it and but I do recommend that you have some task manager to keep productive because like they’re getting done you have to get it.

Out of your head if you don’t get out of her head it’s gonna rotate in your head all night and this is why I started using this kind of program is because I would wake.

Up in the middle night and things would be running around my head what.

I have to do so I don’t forget it did I do this did I do that well since I have been using this for the last several years this has really helped and I can sleep peacefully I don’t think about tasks.

The night anymore because I know I have put them into duyst and because they’re in.

Todoist I don’t worry about forgetting to do a task and so my mind has learned to release this and.

This is kind of the idea about getting stuff done anyways that’s enough of this green cast portion.

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