In this week’s episode of working with Evernote I’m going to show you what Evernote should be used for hello and welcome to episode 62 of my working with Evernote series and in today’s episode I want to talk to you about what you should be using Evernote for and what you shouldn’t be using Evernote for and I got to.

Credit Richmond Nash for his wonderful blog post that he wrote last week about this very subject and.

I get a lot of questions about Evernote on this channel about using Evernote in specific cases where to be really.
Honest Evernote isn’t very good at doing that so let me just.

Cover the things that Evernote can do Evernote can work as a word processor in fact actually Evernote is pretty good as a word processor but you’ve got to remember that Evernote was not designed as a full-blown word processor now I’m going to be careful here because I know a.

Lot of people will write blog posts in Evernote and to be perfectly honest although my system for writing my blog posts are a little bit different I if I wasn’t using a Scrivener which is how I.

Create my blog post I would most definitely probably use Evernote because it is actually pretty good for that kind of note however if.

You’re writing a document that needs a fair amount of formatting then Evernote is not going to do that very well in which case a formatted document like a professional report that really needs to be done in either Microsoft Word Google Docs or apples pages you don’t really want to be using ever for creating professional quality documents that.

Formatting another one that Evernote is can do it can use a presentation mode you can go into presentation mode with Evernote but once again identity to be perfectly honest Evernote really does suck at presentations it’s not a presentation tool the reason the presentation function is in Evernote is so that you can show your notes to a group of people on a big screen it wasn’t designed for you to do full-blown presentations it.

Isn’t that kind of tool always remember Evernote is a note taking application and as a note taking application Evernote does a fantastic job and really why would you want to use Evernote as a.

Presentation tool when you’ve got products free products like Google slides is a free application Apple’s keynote these days is free I believe if you buy that now or if you’d like any iOS device and you can use the online version of Microsoft PowerPoint for free why would you want to do presentations in Evernote okay another one that Evernote is particularly good at is you can store pretty much any kind of document in Evernote but as a full-blown document storage system Evernote sucks it isn’t designed to store.

All your Microsoft Office files all your Apple Iwerks files.

Or Google Docs or supper it isn’t designed for that it’s designed maybe to hold the occasional file but it isn’t a full-blown file storage system once again we go back to this you can get like 25 gigabytes I think it is on Google Drive for free and why are you.

Using Evernote to store documents when you’ve got so many free services out there which are proper document storage systems so if you’re using.

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