Forget it it’s not designed for that remember Evernote is a digital notebook so think of it like how you would have created a physical notebook you know you might store scraps of paper in there you might put a few pictures in there we were never going to start filing in big reports and stuff like that it’s not designed for that one final one on this is Evernote will be good or has the potential to be a to-do list manager.
But once again I’m going to go back.

To the question why would you use Evernote as a to-do list manager yes of course it will do it but its functionality is not particularly very good when there.

Are so many tools out there like to do it Trello asana OmniFocus why would you want to.

Use Evernote as a to-do this manager it’s not designed to do this manager it’s got the functionality but it.

Doesn’t have the same functionality that something like to do.

Is would have you really need to be using the tools for the jobs that they were designed to do Evernote is brilliant as a note taker Evernote is brilliant at capturing photos of things like where you parked your car as.

A temporary photo so you know where to go looking for your car when.

You come back to look for it but it isn’t designed as a presentation tool it’s not designed as a document storage system and it’s not designed as a to-do list manager and once.

You get that out of your head and you start using Evernote for what it really is meant to be you are going to have a much better relationship with Evernote okay I just wanted to get that off my chest there’s been so.

Many questions this week Richmond has weren’t written a wonderful blog article about that and I’ll put that in the notes section below and please guys just try to remember use the tools that you have for the job they were designed to do and you’ll have a much better Ariane’s thank.

You very much for watching this episode.

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About using Evernote once again thank you very much for watching this episode I.

Wish you all a very very productive week and I.

Will see you in the next episode.

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