All right so let’s talk about tags in Evernote and how they can help you find things even quicker so what tags are is when you create a new note in Evernote you can add tags right here at the very top of your screen that help you to find things easier so a great example of this is maybe you’re.

Gonna store recipes in Evernote and if you’re storing all these recipes if you eventually get bigger and bigger and that’s great and sometimes it’s a little tricky to find things so like let’s say this is a recipe for minestrone soup and you have your recipe here or whatever you’re gonna put in your note well you.

Might go up here and add a tag called vegetarian and you just hit enter and it creates a new tag you might want to add one called soup and then you do another note and you’ve got.

I don’t know I can’t tofu soup and you add your information and again you tag it with soup and maybe it’s also vegetarian so how this works is on the left hand side of my screen I have an area for tag so you can click on that in your.

Evernote and it will show all your different tags and it will show how many notes contain that tag so maybe you’re like I only want to look at vegetarian recipes will you click on that and it’ll bring up all the notes that have that particular tag so.

It makes it really easy to keep things easily found in Evernote and you can have as many tags as you want so it’s a great great system of just giving it an extra layer of to find it easier.

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