In this week’s episode of working with Evernote I’m going to show you what the sort by function does hello and welcome to episode 94 of my working with Evernote series my name is Cal Pauline and in this week’s episode I want to show you a function that appears to be hidden but actually has a lot of power and.

Can help you to organize your notes within a notebook in various different ways and.
Shown so I want to go in and show you that.

This is called the sort by function and as I say it’s a little bit hidden but once you know.

Where it is you can make some decisions on to how you want to actually have your notes shown up within the notebook itself but before I do that I would just like to say if you like this video please click on the like button below and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet please subscribe okay let’s get into Evernote and I’ll show you what I mean okay so what I’m going to do.

Is I’m going to show you like a sample that I did from last year and this is actually just a sample of my journal from 2017 and so what you’ve got here is a various days and they’re all actually in order of when they were created when date order right now now in order to actually access the sort.

By function you need to go into this icon here view options and you’ve got down at the bottom here sort by date where I’ve got mine sort by date updated at the moment but you can actually create sort by date created which for a journal actually would be a very good way of doing it.

Obviously if you’re creating a new note a journal a digital journal every single day but that could be the way that you want it now to be.

The projects that I have on notebooks that I have I actually wanted to show up by date opt updated simply because if I’ve got an actual physical note not a resource like a web clipping or something it’s probably because I’m actually working on that note right now and therefore I.

Really want to be able to get access to that very quickly from my mobile device so my preferred option for most of my.

Notebooks is to have it include by its date up dated now you can obviously have it by title which will be completely useless for a journal because the title is just going to have all the Monday’s together all.

The Tuesday’s together all the Friday’s together and so on that would be completely useful useless got a date created date source URL I have no idea what that one actually means but maybe that’s because of the obviously from a general point of view is it’s not going to actually work anyway you can actually have it by size.

So it would have the size at the top the size at the bottom again within the journal that’s not.

Going to be any use to you but it might be useful to you if you actually got a load.

Of attachments that you want to get access to show notes in groups is one of those ones I’ve got no groups in here but if you actually had things grouped together it would actually show up in there and sort by show his shirts results in groups but these are the things largest to smallest.
Smallest to largest you can actually have it set up exactly how you want.

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