Welcome to the TMC project I’m happy to have you here and today we’re going to talk about productivity and flow State I read an amazing article this morning from inc.com Julian Hays talks about five tweaks to your daily routine that can double your energy and productivity it’s an amazing article and you’re definitely gonna want to read it I.

A couple of the points that have really hit me Julian talks about waking up and going to bed at the same time it’s powerful information I think we really.

Are habitual creatures I’d say about 75 percent of our daily actions or picked unconsciously and done through sheer habit because it’s what our body.
Has done however the mind gives so many reasons to sleep.

Late it’s one of those ones where we really need to be mindful and take a sincere approach to controlling when our body knows to wake up and when it goes to bed by merely consistently falling asleep at the same time and getting up at.

Time your body will slowly adapt.

To that process making it more efficient and giving you the ability to really get productive and get all that energy out of all of your sleep most people recommend six to eight hours and I stand by that however this is.

Really about personal experimentation it’s important that you try for 90 days and find out where you are on the other side.

Measure your movement measure your productivity differences next Julian talked about labeling and scheduling your work you would be amazed at how powerful it is to name what you’re doing I’m sure we’ve all heard of the expression to name it is to know it and to really give your work sessions labels and schedules allows you to get into a mental framework that’ll help you define what you’re doing making it more easy to go into flow state I.

Absolutely love it and highly recommend when it comes to my videos I have a morning afternoon and evening video in each one of.

Them are a specific session with a different set of goals that need to be accomplished it’s clear and concise it really lets me fall into it and just run through the gallon getting a lot of productivity and falling into that flow state which.

Is really the place where we all want.

To be when we’re working getting as much done and not feeling.

Time and just really crushing it you also always want to consider taking breaks to re-energize yourself our mind doesn’t let us know when we’re being distracted we’re distracted the minds not aware of that.

It’s important to know that you can only run hard for so long before your mind is gonna want to wander and ruminate regardless it’s.

That passive Network and if you don’t give it that time you’re gonna find yourself being distracted not because you’re not interested in the work but merely because your brain is now interested in integrating the knowledge is just learned and.

Relaxing and doing some illumination the best method that I have found and used for.

This is the promoter method definitely pronounce that wrong but it’s got a lot of O’s in it the part of how to Myra difficult word but really really useful do something for 20 minutes pick whatever the task is you set a timer for 20 minutes and you start doing it by 5 minutes in you’re gonna realize that it wasn’t.

And you’re moving forward and when you get close to that 20 minute.

Mark you’re gonna be very surprised.

At how often you are not ready to give up your task or your project because you’re just getting so much done and you’re really feeling that flow state you still want to cap it out of 45 minutes or find a good ending point when you find yourself doing that last 20% that inch work where you can keep fiddling.

And moving things forward that’s almost always where I recommend stopping taking a break remove yourself from the situation and re-energize you’ll come back to the project with new energy new ideas and an entirely different process you are more likely creating before and now you’re adapting / integrating really molding don’t underestimate how different that task is and taking a break to re-energize can make the difference between getting it done or just falling by the wayside this was a really great article and I.

Took so much away from it and I hope you do as well I’ve linked the article below please subscribe like this channel leave.

In the comments what you think I would love to hear from you I’m trying to make the world I’m trying to make personal development easy for everyone and the only way I can do that is with your feedback and your willingness to try thank you so much for joining me you have an.

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