Hello everyone this is Anson from Anson Alex calm and welcome to my 2013 video series on using Google Calendar you may know me from the video series that I’ve done on Gmail here in 2013 or the one that I’ve done on Google Drive here in 2013 I will link both of those videos series in the description of this.
Video here on YouTube but this video is part 1 of my multi-part series.

On Google Calendar and it’s going to serve as an introduction to Google Calendar and as an overview of the user interface so stay tuned for more videos in the.

Series that will be coming up here in the next couple weeks I hope it helps and enjoy everyone okay so here I am in my Google account and I started here in Gmail because I wanted to show you that the easiest way to access Google Calendar is to go to the very top of your screen when you’re in any Google service including Gmail and click on calendar in the black bar you’ll notice when I do that it opens up in a new.

Tab and I’m now in Google Calendar before we really jump right in and get started with actually working with events here in Google Calendar I’d like to mention a couple of the primary features of Google Calendar one is the ability to view multiple calendars at once and two.

Is the ability to share calendars so I can have multiple calendars of my own and those calendars are going to be listed down here in the my calendars section now on your computer you might have to click this little triangle to the left of my calendars to get it to drop down and when you do that starting out unless you’ve already created some other calendars you should just have.

Two calendars listed there one with your name and the other that says tasks now at the same.
Time other people can share calendars.

With you so maybe you have a co-worker or a spouse and you want to have a calendar of their schedule they can create their own calendar and then share it with.

You and it’ll be listed here under other calendars so you can see right now all I.

Have is my contacts birthdays and US holidays but if somebody else had shared a calendar with me it would.

Be showing up here in other calendars now also notice that to the left of these calendars there’s a little color associated with the calendar and when I click on it that color disappears this is how we can hide and show events here in Google Calendar so I’m going to create an entire video on creating events which will show you how to do reminders how to create repeating.

Events and that sort of thing but I am just going to create a quick event here starting out just so I can use it as an example so I’ve got an event that I created called test event it was on Monday August 19th it’s a little grayed out because that date is already over so if this event had not yet occurred it would be a little bit brighter on my screen but notice that when I click on my calendar Anson Alexander over here on the left to hide events from that.

Calendar the event disappears so this is really useful if you’ve got five or ten calendars and you.

Want to view all the information on those calendars but.

You might not be able to view them all at one.

You can just display one calendar take a look at the events then display the next calendar or maybe only two calendars at once it’s really really helpful you can customize completely how this is overlaid so you know I can turn on and off these calendars down here let’s actually see if there’s an event a there should be a.

Holiday okay so you can see here in September I’ve got Labor Day in Patriot Day so I’m just going to create another event here on my personal calendar I’m going to call it test event too so you can see now I have events from both the ants and.

Alexander calendar and you can you’ll.

Notice that the event that is blue over here is the same color as the color next to.

My calendar anton alexander and the events that are purple are the same color as the color next to the u. holidays calendar so if I were to just click.

On US holidays you’ll notice that.

Events from that calendar disappear and I’m now only viewing events from the ansan Alexander calendar if I.

Click back on US holidays those events reappear so that’s how you can hide and show calendars here in Google Calendar.

Now talking about the user interface I want to mention that by default you.

Weekly view and I’m going to go back to the week that we’re currently in here you’ll notice that the days of.

The week go across the top and the times go down the left side of your screen so that’s kind of how you can view events you’ll notice that you can switch to different weeks up here at the top by using the arrow so I could look at next week I can take a look at the previous week whichever view I’d like to use and then over here to the.

Right we have different view options.

So like I said by default it’s the weekly view and if you are using Google Calendar to schedule your tasks throughout each day that’s definitely the view that you’re.

Probably going to use the most you’ll take a look and you’ll notice that the daily view it’s a lot of space with just a little bit of information so I tend not to use the daily view the monthly view is.

Really really useful if you’re using Google Calendar for big events when you have bills due paydays vacations and you’re not really focused on the individual events within each day you’re just looking at the big scope of things you can take a look at the monthly view and then up here at the top left you can use these arrows to switch months like I did earlier so I.

Use the monthly view and weekly view a lot if I go back to August I’m going to click on the four-day this is similar to the weekly view it always just shows the day you’re on and then three days in the future so again if you are.

Scheduling things out in hourly blocks throughout your day the weekly view or the four-day view might be helpful for you and then the last one is agenda view and this is basically just a bulleted list of the events that you’ve got going on in Google Calendar so again if you are scheduling out your day in.

Hourly blocks this might also be a useful view you could.

Then you would have a list of everything that you’ve got going on you can see I pretty much just have holidays on mine because they haven’t added many events to this.

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