Series we are actually going to click on the Edit event button and I’m going to show you all of the different options you have when creating an event here in Google Calendar you can invite guests to your event you can create resource calendars so you can book rooms when you’re creating an event you can add descriptions links you can make it certain colors you can do a whole bunch.

Of stuff with events here in Google Calendar so I’m going to dedicate an entire video to that later on in this video.

Series I’m also going to show you how you can sync these calendars with some of your mobile devices how you can share calendars how you can move events around in that video where we go ahead and create an event here in Google Calendar I’m also going to show you how you can create a repeating event.

Just starting out here it’s a good idea to kind of get familiar with this user interface you’ve also got this mini calendar up here to the left so I could just go through the month months and days and click on whatever data that I’d like to go to and it’ll take me right to that week if I.

Don’t like viewing this I can go ahead and I can shrink that over here to the left.

And just so you’re aware I’m gonna go into this in depth later on in this video series but if I wanted to edit my Google Calendar settings I could go to the very top right here to the gear icon where it says settings and I could go to the Settings section in here there’s also.

A lot of stuff in the calendar set up just like in Gmail there are a bunch of labs to go along with Google Calendar that you can take a look on labs are basically add-ons that enhance the functionality of either Google Calendar Gmail so there’s definitely some Google Calendar labs that I take advantage of and I’m going to dedicate a video to that later on in this video series as well I’m just like in Gmail you can customize the display density of Google Calendar so if.

I want a more compact view I can press compact you’ll notice that.

Things on the Left are a little bit closer together stuff up here on the right is a little bit closer together so if you’ve got a lot going on here in your Google Calendar that’s definitely a good idea to change that density over there another quick thing that I’d like to talk about is that I mentioned viewing multiple starting out unless you’ve already created some other calendars you should just have two calendars listed.

There one with your name and the other that says tasks now at the same time other people can share calendars with.

You so maybe you have a co-worker or a spouse and you want to have a calendar of their schedule they can create their own calendar and then share with you and will be listed here under other calendars so you can see right now all I have is my contacts birthdays and US holidays but if somebody else had shared a calendar.

Showing up here in other calendars now also notice that to the left of these calendars there’s a little color associated with the calendar and when I.

Click on it that color disappears this is how we can hide and show events here in Google Calendar so.

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