Creating events which will show you how to do reminders how to create repeating events and that sort of thing but I am just going to create a quick event here starting out just so I can use.

It as an example so I’ve got an event that I created called test event it was on Monday August 19th it’s a little grayed out because that date is already over so if.

This event had not yet occurred it would.

Be a little bit brighter on my screen but notice that when I click on my calendar Anson Alexander over here on the left to hide events from that calendar the event disappears so this is really useful if you’ve got five or ten calendars.

And you want to view all the information on those calendars but you might not be able to view them all at once you can just display one calendar.

Take a look at the events then display the next calendar or maybe only two calendars.

At once it’s really really helpful you can customize completely how this is overlaid so you know I.

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