One of the main reasons I started this channel which so I could hold myself accountable to the habits I practice and carry out every single day the other week I was thinking about what habits I have and in all honesty right now they’re not great and they’re not doing me any good although some of my poorer habits may.

Seem quite universal or quite average things like not having a proper sleeping pattern not eating the proper diet not exercising enough or working during set.
Hours and just generally not looking after.

Myself isn’t how I want to live my life now or in the future if I want to live such a fulfilling happy and healthy life I dream about I need to start looking after myself hi I’m Mike.

Arnold welcome to my channel today I’m talking about habits and habits seem like such a complex and.

Challenging thing by standard definition a habit is something we practice or carry out regularly frequently and often and most of the time these are unconscious.

Thoughts the thing is that forming a habit doesn’t have to be hard work it doesn’t matter what you want to do whether it’s diet sleep relationships or technology-related actually choose in which habit.

You want to change is easy it’s the maintaining part and the part where you implement this new habit into your life every single day that’s where.

The challenge begins after a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that there’s two things need to.

Developing a new habit the first is making yourself comfortable you can do this by right in your habits.

Down by telling a friend or making a habit with a new friend or putting reminders on your phone and maybe setting an alarm or something to remind you for out the day to stick to your habit thing is if you have to have it in your head and it’s something that you’re thinking about but you’re not getting out of your head I feel like when you write them down you make them real and the real that your habits are the more likely you are to carry them out or.

Break them or create them or whatever you’re working on the second thing to remember when creating a new habit is to take baby steps you see this all the time around new year when people make resolutions or I’m gonna eat healthy for the rest of my life I’m gonna exercise three times a week and that’s it these are such drastic changes that our brains just don’t handle them and.

They fail I know this from personal experience the amount of times I’ve said okay I’m never smoking again or I’m eating healthy again and then within a week within a couple of days I’m just exactly I’m just back exactly where I was before the thing is like I said before when you.

Have a habit it’s in your subconscious it’s hardwired to do it your brain is it’s a comfort zone your brains in the comfort zone when it’s doing this habit.

Because it knows what it’s doing.

It knows that it’s safe and it knows what the outcome is there’s no uncertainty about what’s happening the thing is when you’re making a new habit if you break it down into an easy and manageable chunk so let’s say you want to eat healthfully you say instead of.

Saying I want to eat healthy for the rest of my life you say I’m gonna eat healthy.

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