Today I’m gonna eat healthy the next hour my next meal is gonna be.

Healthy or low-calorie or low carb or high protein or whatever the thing is if you even if you make it embarrassingly easily you’re tricking your brain into performing this new habit and.

It’s no effort I think the setting easy and manageable goals like this is so important and it’s the only way that we’re gonna succeed the thing is if you make it easy and you can succeed such as.

Having a lunch a healthy lunch or not smoking for one day you then say yeah I did that I did that I’ve succeeded in what I set out to do and then all you need to do is repeat that process every day or every hour the more you succeed the longer the rewards are going to last and the easier that habits gonna form throughout the future videos I’m gonna be talking about what things I learned along the way what works what doesn’t.

Work and hopefully you guys can learn from what I do or you can figure out from what I do something you can apply in your.

Own life for accountability purposes some of the new habits I wanna form over the coming months include some of the things you can see on the screen.

Now I see that these are probably quite a lot and they’re quite drastic and if you speak to any life coach or someone who knows about habits and the science behind it changing all these things in one go probably isn’t a great idea but at the same time these are wrong things I want to do and we’re taking one.

Where it goes I’d love to hear about some of the habits if you’re trying to work them in your own life or maybe you saw something I spoke about in this video and you thought yeah this is something that I.

Want to do if this is the case feel free to leave a comment.

And let me know at the moment I can reply to any and all messages so it’d be great to meet some of you and actually hear what.

You’ve got say if you enjoyed this video please think about hitting the like button and even subscribing to the channel it’d mean a whole lot to me as I’m completely new to this as I’m just want to see where this goes in any case I hope you learn something from.

This video and you enjoyed it as you can see I’m putting a lot more effort into the production side of it and I’m trying to experiment with new types of videos.
So it’ll be interesting to see how this.

Turns out in any case I will see you in the next video.


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