Hi guys and thanks for watching the social life today I am going to be talking about a question I got from unscripted asking basically how do you manage it all like how do you know where to focus your energy and your top there’s so much you have to think about when you’re running a non-profit and I totally understand.

Where you’re coming from here’s the bottom line we don’t manage it all like no one does no.

One person manages it all and the only way that you’re really able to get things done is to get to a point where you can actually have help whether it’s a volunteer or a hired staff member or whoever whoever it is they are amazing and that’s.

Way really that you’ll be able to manage it all the real deal with all of this is that if you want people to be able to come into your organization and help you.

At all you need to have some sort of process manual oh I will send you guys I will leave a link to a download that you guys.

Can download which is basically a process of how how the organization is run like how to do specific tasks so I’m gonna sit the download I’ll show you is like specific tasks and how to upload kids to our.

Give that to my interns I will give that to anyone that helps me you know upload kids onto our website anyone that comes into the program should be able to take this piece of paper with all the steps on it and I’m talking about every single step all the steps on it and they can go upload a.

Kit for me because I realized that.

Was the one task that was really slimy down from being more efficient with the program Oh for you as a new director what I would recommend is that you start writing out your processes write out the things that you do.

On a daily basis take one task say we record videos every day for our nonprofit ok.

If you record videos every day what is the first thing you need to do you have to grab the camera out of the closet or wherever it is right and attach the USB cord.

The computer from the camera and then you’re gonna turn on the iMovie or whatever like you know there’s a whole process but you need to go step by step by step by.

Step so that anyone can come in and do these videos for you what’s your intro what’s your outro.

What’s all the things that go along with recording those videos what are the things that go along with you know an intake for a new client or a new customer for.

Your nonprofit those are the types of process manuals that you need and then you have a process manual book where if someone comes you can be like oh yeah hold on here’s my book of these things go to this page and you can find that so when you’re just starting out you might think.

Oh god I don’t know what process but you all have a process everybody has a process so think about what process you have and how you just need to get it on paper you just need to get this.

Process on paper I don’t care if the process is fully complete.

I don’t care if you leave out a few steps because that’s part of the learning process with you and the new person to.
Help you when they come in and they.

Can use these process manuals it will alleviate so much of the stopping and starting and stopping and starting especially if you’re planning on getting interns this is a great way to get interns up and.

Running you have your process manual you can tell them to do that whatever that process manual is and that’s their reference guide right so that you can then do other work that you need to work on while that work is getting done and occasionally they might have a question like it says to do.
This but I can’t do this before I.

Get there and then you know that you need to add that into your process manual because that became an issue and so you don’t want to have to deal with it again so you want.

To do it one time and then not worry about it anymore and you can do that when you have a process manual.

We don’t manage it all no one no one manages it all well at least let me say that so yeah.

All the different hats that you have to wear as a nonprofit founder and they will change and you have to you have to be ok with that you’re not going to.

You’re not going to get everything done and it’s not all gonna be perfect and you have to reprioritize sometimes I used to focus so much on my newsletter and I thought it was the most important thing and I still do but you know I also had to work on some things with my organization we had to reorganize and restructure the organization before I could.

Really work on the newsletter you know so all the time you’ll kind of be restructuring and you’ll be reprioritizing things that are important to you and I think it’s just important to know that because all too often we don’t talk about some of the struggles that come along with you know running a non-profit and being the only person doing it or the main person doing things that has to.

Be in charge of all these other areas of what you’re doing and we make it look really glamorous right like things look really fun and awesome because we’re putting it on social media and people only see whatever it is they want you to see on social media but the bottom line is is that all entrepreneurs both social or for-profit entrepreneurs we all are you know struggling to make things work and to be the most efficient that we can be and stay on top of all the things that we can stay.

On top of so those different.

Hats are going to always be changing.

And scripted they are always going to be you’re always going to.

Be trying to figure out what is the most priority what requires my attention the most today what requires my attention the most in this hour right so those things will change all.

The time so don’t get discouraged just understand that that is just the way it is right now until you get some help and for self preservation you really do have to just allow.

Some of the things to take the backburner and that’s the bottom line some things will just have to take the back burner because you’re not going to be able to get to those things today in order for you to focus on this priority right now so just remember that.

You’re not alone this is totally normal until you start to get the help that you need to be able to allow you to move to something else I just wanted to kind of dig a little.

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