Deeper into that because I am saying to use a process manual and it does help tremendously when you do have some help that wants to come in.

And help you sometimes the help can be like getting the help it can be a little bit harder if you don’t have that process manual for them to look through on their own and I found that with my interns that’s been one of the saving graces you know it’s like having the process manual for.

Them to reference rather than asking me all the questions directly because you want to be able to help them and you want to be able to learn where the cracks are in your process and then you add those in and the most important part of that is just to make sure you add those pieces in I hope that helps you get out there and unleash your something amazing and I will.

See you on the next one also if you are not part of the social I’ve tried go on Facebook and join us and if.

You’re not part of the social life Diaries go ahead and sign up for that as well and I will see you guys soon bye.

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