Hi everyone thanks for watching and I want to talk about emotions because well who doesn’t deal with emotions right I mean especially as entrepreneurs one of the things that and we experience the most are emotional roller coasters like in a single day it can be up and down and up and down like all over the place but then.

Beyond just like business emotions where you have the highs and lows you’ve got regular emotions of life when you’re angry about something or you’re frustrated and you’re maybe your kids get on your skin or.

Something or or heartbreak or you know betrayed you feel all these different emotions right and emotions are very real they’re.

Very part of life there’s sadness and there’s happiness and joy and there’s all these different things that we feel it’s all part of our experience and the emotions are also extremely dangerous because they can cause us to act in ways we normally wouldn’t ways outside of our typical character so emotions are this funny thing and some people are naturally more prone to.
Respond and really act impulsively and then apologize later it.

Was about sorry I over you know I overreacted right I’m sure we’ve all done that at some point but some people are more prone.

To it than others and then there are other of others of us that are very in control of emotions so how do you get there how.

Do you get in control of your emotions because emotions are going to strike at some point if they haven’t already and sometimes on a regular basis so.

I’ve learned for through study.

And through experience that it’s all about the pause it’s all about the pause now what do I mean by that let me unpack that for you just a little bit when.
You have an emotional something triggers you let’s.

Call it a trigger and you have a trigger and it sets off some kind of an emotion inside you okay that is normal that’s human beings reacting inside the space between that reaction that trigger and your reaction is what I’m referred to as the pause okay that’s the critical part.

Because when we give ourselves a little bit of pause a little bit of breathing room we can number one identify the emotion look at and observe it number two in figure out where it’s coming from or three we have a little bit of more time to figure out how important it is this really should I really be responding this way am I overreacting what should I do in response now notice I said the word response instead of react react.

As impulsive boom emotional trigger a reaction comes right away a response is a little more carefully orchestrated so when you respond to something you had a chance to review your options you consider different angles and then you respond and when you.

Learn to cushion yourself with that pause then you can respond instead of react when situations happen does that make sense so that’s the thing with emotions is you’ve got.

To build in a little for yourself use what you do you get a chance to think clearly and you get to respond the inside of your character in doing something consistent.

With your values consistent with who you are and instead of being someone else the dr.
Hyde flying off that the handle.

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