So to speak so L hope that helps when you go through life and you experience emotions and you have things that happen to you envision in your mind of giant.

Pause but now this is kind of hokey but it’s just a suggestion because if we can develop the habit of pressing pause nothing is so urgent you have to respond right away or react.

Right away you don’t have to unless you’re like falling off a cliff or something I don’t know there might be rare instances but most cases even if you take 20 seconds I mean that can be an eternity if you’re in the middle of a conversation and you’re pausing right a pause is just a beautiful.

Thing so imagine something happens imagine a pause button press down on the pause button with your thumb in your mind and then take a look and here’s my final bit of advice and that is to go third party go third party okay what does that mean right well I’ll tell you since you asked go third party means to step outside of yourself and handle it from a third party point of view.

Which is very interesting because when you’re in your own world you’re clouded because you see everything through your lens your filter it’s what it’s your beliefs and your values right and so if.

I’m looking through pink lenses everything I look at is pink and the guy sitting next to me could have green lenses on and I can be sitting there telling him hey the world is pink and he can look it back at me and say what are you nuts the world is green what are you talking about.

No no it’s pink I’m look at that car is pink the sky is pink the ground is it is like no it’s not it’s all green I don’t even know what you’re well.

They’re both true right the guy with the green lens is speaking truth true I from a from Allen’s having a pee cleanse M speaking truth my truth they’re both true witness what causes arguments is because everybody’s truth is a little bit different and yet we fail to step outside of ourselves and look at things from what could be their perspective and consider well why are they saying that why is this person saying so somebody sets you off there might be a reason why they’re doing that but.

Yet if we don’t step outside of ourselves and consider but they’re looking through life with a different set of lenses than we are and it’s not that they’re out trying to hurt us or harvest most people are good by Nature they mean well they just go about.

It in a different way than you would so it doesn’t mean that they’re trying to hurt you it just means that’s their methodology and you don’t like it that’s okay you don’t have to like it you don’t have to agree with it in.

Fact that’s what makes the world great is the war all different.

But stepping outside of yourself just a little bit.

And going third part is what I mean by go third party.

Is is take that third perspective.

Not your perspective because your perspective is your perspective you’ve always had that and you always know what it is but consider the root of what’s.

Going on and you’re much less likely to be offended when you understand this person isn’t.

Trying to hurt me as persons just as stating things from his.

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