Because I want to understand why and what he’s saying and what he’s doing and there actually might be something I could.

Learn from it open your mind right you can actually benefit from learning something new understanding his perspective life through the green lenses not the pink ones anyways so those are a few tips on handle emotions once you get those down and once you start pressing the pause button building that cushion look at things from the other perspective and figure.

It consider why they would say something and is it truly hurtful or why something happened a certain way and how you know it may not even be a person it might just be circumstances the set us off it could be any number of things but with that paused cushion and by taking a third person point of view you can really step back look at the bigger picture of things you can understand what’s going on.

And you can choose to respond rather than react now that doesn’t mean you’re still not gonna be angry maybe they’re right the response is anger but at least you’ll be in control when you make that decision so there you go food for thought I hope that helps respond share like do.

What you got to do I’m glad you’re here and I’d love to hear what you think on the subject of handling your emotions so check back later.

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