What’s up Gaza welcome to the 36 tutorial of programming and C++ using Xcode and in this tutorial is all about port arguments in tutorial 12 we start looking at pointers and then after like 20 tutorials we moved away now in the 36 tutorial we are now looking back up pointer so without further ado that saw the video okay.

So pointer arguments we can say in line yep in line void error message and then using char char star the.

Same message just redo that redo typing get rid of that okay so then curly braces and then we could say STD cou t /a let me say error coal on another message all on a new line close.

That off now we can go into the actual main program function main function sorry so int it is a char char star EP you’ll see why I’m doing this in a minute equals we’re good to say invalid an invalid input close that off next line because the error message.

Yep error message and let’s put in EP there yeah that is correct.

Close that off next line draw a message using an array equals disk failure close that off as well and they say error message msg put that in close that off next time we could say error message again but this time using timeout.
Or whatever that should be closed off we can run this but.

Before we do that let’s just explain what’s happening in the program so we have a program that demonstrates pointer arguments where it says in line void error message char star message this is a function with a pointer parameter we can go all the way down here to where it says error message in brackets EP pass a pointer.

Variable where it says error message with MSG pass an array address and where it says error message timeout pass a constant address so we should know we can actually run this and see why does now so build succeeded.

And we have error invalid import error disk failure error timeout alright that’s it for.

This video I’ll see you guys in the next tutorial thanks for now.


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