Usually through web-based.

Maps but there’s a lot of data that can only be visualized in 3d and one of the.

Major problem is actually how to find all the data how to browse it and maps seem like.

A good way of doing it because these are geo-located assets that they have around the coast but we need.

To combine it with a search and we need to combine it with 3d capabilities so the the prototype that I’m going to show very quickly is a very low fidelity meaning the visuals are ugly I wasn’t very concerned about the visuals at this stage but I was concerned about functionality regarding testing some initial user experience ideas that we had to get detailed insight on particularly the search interaction before starting to develop.

The logic of that search and gain validation from stakeholders in the project of whether this was a good route to go because it would it would mean some investment in the project and then of course discuss ideas with developers and agree on implementation I suppose a way to visualize it would be that we had on one hand – the maps served via map box married with a 3d engine and developed.

The unity and we needed to create a good user interface to enable the two to particular design problems that this prototype was looking at was how to go from a simple search to an assisted search where it’s already picking up what it has which matches.

The database and from that to a cumulative search where you keep adding tags to your search that become this and that and whatever this is quite difficult to do in static clickable prototypes so I resorted to.

Touch the designer to try those ideas out and testing with users the.

Other thing that was trying to do was to have what we call camera bookmarks as because this happens in the 3d world.

And we are able to create bookmarks for any camera position.

So you can create your own presentation like a walkthrough of your own exploration of the map to reveal later so let’s let’s have a look at the prototype then maybe I’ll need to do like this so here I’m inside a touch designer environment I’m going to try to do this while looking sideways let’s see how that works I basically have a bunch of programs lined.

Up waiting to be awakened so I have a very rough idea there is a map.

There is a search box there’s a lot of terms when you don’t search anything it reveals everything I can I have a very sort of crude mechanism of.

Dragging it around and adding bookmarks to to what I’m doing exploring further zooming in and out and I wasn’t very concerned about the looks of it at this stage but it was just to test whether I could express these ideas to a user whether they thought it made sense and one of the things was really the ability to search and I couldn’t afford it to have developed to involve a developer at.

This stage I just wanted to test the idea so I did did that in touch designer because I could easily create a bunch of tables with rows of data which would be then searchable but it’s something that you kind of build from scratch of course so.

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