I can search for company and add it to a sort of available tax area here and then it will highlight something on the map that’s all very good and.

I can search for maybe something else there’s a field called scarve I can add it as well to the search and it will tell me a little bit about a field called scarve and very.

Good and then we tested another idea because this is not unity but it also ignores in 3d.

And just to be able to get feedback from users.

Of whether they thought let if looking at the seabed in a grid like this would make sense just to reveal assets I don’t remember now am i al here it is where we would make sense to pull out any of these assets to look at the geology of it as a cross-section so we.

Were able to collect a lot of feedback from geologists and map users and people who work with.

Very detailed requirements the in the oil business about whether this would be a good way to then have pull outs and information looking at all of these things so the result was that so inside you see that I have sort of encapsulated a few UI elements and just going to show very quickly how this is done in case you are wondering so I have a bunch of elements here that are my tags and they are selecting basically.

From the search from a table that I created back here so I could have a table with companies I could have a table with facilities and.

Very quickly build a search it’s nothing amazing but it it’s just.

Done in minutes and that’s quite for a designer that’s quite an appealing proposition I would say the end result is at a moment in pilot mode it’s been done for Windows Mac OS and iOS and I have a little vision video that shows the interface here and there so the idea yes is that all the data is.

Stored in the cloud and then pulled in and this is the aspect of the search so the idea was also that you could build your own presentations through your.

As we call them slides but they’re mostly screen positions in the 3d space where you can add your own annotations so there’s like a presentation mode in the vision for the final product yes and there’s me and then the 3d exploration mode with real geology information so quite different from my prototype but just to give you an idea of where we were going.

With this so was it a good idea or was it a good choice for this I think so I mean she’s about using a programming language I think it gave us a quick way to test ideas with a functionality level that’s usually not available for designers I will require databases and screen capture management that I couldn’t do in another way it was made in one day so that’s quite quite a simple way of testing an idea it enabled.

Me to invest time where it mattered which was a question of how to deal with search we take search as a very matter-of-fact urge thing but it’s quite a lot of complexity that can go into it and communication because it did play.

An important role in discussing the feasibility of ideas with.

Developers and other stakeholders the other example I have to show you is a very simple project for DNV GL where they wanted to develop a chat bot for the.

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