Chat bot with real artificial intelligence or actually specifically machine learning ability running in the background and this was served it was already running as a pilot is being served with Microsoft Azure technology but what they didn’t have was really a good design for the.

For the character of course you can take one of the standard things but I wanted to do with something a bit better than that so we wanted to develop the look and feel something that was character based to begin with that was the idea we.

To test the usability of it gain validation from everybody involved in the project and provide documentation for developers so it started playing around with his character making a few sketches of how this could look like and went from something fairly neutral looking.

To something warm and then something a bit more graphic I suppose the inspiration for this was to marry.

Or like the client says something between Cortana and Siri okay so that was more or less the reason why we started playing around with these shapes and thinking of how it would behave in terms of movement and response to your own voice and to its own voice the the prototype had a codename called Vera and I.

Did I made a very very quickly in touch designer so let’s have a look there is sleeping here hope yeah so we have a sort of a shape that is responsive in real-time to sound and this is something that is very easy to do in touch designer and I cannot try to do something that is a little bit risky because the routing of sound can get a bit funny when you come on stage and connect different things but let’s.

See if it goes okay so I made just to express to the stakeholders and developers how this could work not only the animation and response and the way the colors and shapes deformed to the voice but also how the dialogues could appear so made sort of a scripted dialogue to to demo this hello Vera can you hear me Vera can you hear me can you hear me Vera you can’t hear back there but did you hear a voice yeah that’s the risky thing about doing this on.

Stage but open the watertight doors.

Mira what’s the problem you guys sing this song so the prototype is basically comprised and I’ve exposed the network so it’s it is a bit of a spaghetti monster but I’ve exposed the network so.

That I could just show the different elements so there is elements of sounds that is being processed the audio the audio wave is causing the distortion of basic ellipsis and through that I’m able to then break it down in different colors and overlap them to become the shape that you see in the renderer.

Which is basically so different stages so there is a bit of processing pipeline that adds dialog boxes etc there’s my audio button but basically the each shape has a green there’s blue and the.

Shape that overlap become that sort of entity for Vera it’s not called.

Vera in the end but never mind that so I made some user testing with my son he is trying it out so I think even a.

Three-year-old can can be a good test subject the design process per se and this enabled us to to basically convey the basic elements of what this entity this character which was a more abstract shape now could be and deliver them to developers and tell them these are the final colors how it.

Would be on idle mode active and peak what will be the animation parameters etc so in recap I think the real-time or the processing ability and the animation capabilities of touch designer helped me do this quite fast it was made in one day and then not the the dialogue part that took a bit longer but he actually animation and getting the colors right was quite fast investing time were it mattered which actually the look.

The look infield of that character.

And it’s it’s quite difficult to do this with static designs so how do you explain motion and behavior to anyone which it static designs so.

It was a very good tool to resort to to be able to do this and communication because they became the foundation for design specs and actually it helped selling the idea internally so that it could actually become pilot project finally an experiment which is a core dashboard little experiment I’ve done just to play.

Around with the notion of being able to interact with graphics with external devices and since.

This is an embedded more embedded themed conference I don’t think there’s anything more embedded than the software that we find in cars today becoming more and more complex and they have quite sophisticated machinery in them and program running so I tested something that was.

Just an internal graphic system that.

Could have interchangeable modes just focusing on the speed dial on the speed speedometer as he call it and the export possibilities of an integrated fully dynamic system the idea was to potentially connect it to.

Sensors actuators real-life physical interfaces and we all have these complicated instruments inside modern cars so it was just to try out that that idea here at the conference I don’t have.

A way to bring a steering wheel or an accelerator pedal so I brought this too to be able to communicate with.

That patch which is just a MIDI Wireless MIDI interface that I.

Will try to use to control it so let’s look at touch designer again I’m going to get out of this very patch and put it to sleep and I think my car dashboard is here so I just focus on that speedometer shape which I there’s no graphics being loaded into it everything is generated internally so every single little shape I drew it programmatically or procedural in a procedural way and I just did something that is.

To switch modes from daytime to nighttime mode and different camera positions just to get a feel for what it will look.

Like to be able to separate the different layers of the that comprise this interface so in touch designer because it supports many different protocols eat of course it also supports MIDI and I have just to check so I have this keyboard here that is sending MIDI signals for the purpose of testing this and then it’s a matter of mapping out which MIDI signals.

You want to connect to what and I think well I did is if I had an accelerator pedal like it speed to let’s say around 80 let’s break the law 200 T and I also.

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