A mode where this is yeah I’m pressing from here now so if I had different modes on my car dashboard I could do it from there and the ability to change this from a sort of automatic counter to sort of manual counter and I think I.

Different camera positions here as well so that I could do the same thing from this little MIDI controller so just.

To test the concept of being able to interact with graphics that are can be running in any kind of screen so if if I had the right conditions I could connect this to a instrument panel and have any sort of actuator or a sensor triggering these same signals that I’m doing with a silly MIDI controller I can do a short.

Dive into this one just to show the spaghetti monster within so this a lot of stuff going on here I mean like you can see the the numbers are being drawn and different shapes that make the different effects I have let’s see I can show the final renderer at this end sort.

Of any operator can be can be viewed as a renderer so I have a table.

Here for exons with RGB values sort of destination and origin RGB values I remember which one it is now this one so in.

You saw that there was a slight delay but the delay is being applied to the to the to the numbers just to get transition effect and a smooth effect between.

Them so anything that I’m doing any any design aspect that I want to change I can change it in real time that’s basically the main point going back to.

The presentation we’ve looked at the prototype I think it the interesting thing about this is the inbound and outbound communication ability and to be able to do that with any type of graphics in real-time is interesting for many projects and the fact that you can have real-time generated.

Graphics nothing being imported in makes it quite a good standalone system that you can take anywhere and made it.

In three days where I had it coupled in with different types of sensors and just to tune in and get the animations right and I think it has a very good level of efficiency because once the graphics are drawn they can be I can control every single aspect that is on that little speedometer maybe a bit of a geeky thing to do but I think it’s just a proof.

Of concept so to wrap it up the upsides in my mind for using visual programming tools is that it fast tracks the design process because the speed is just phenomenal I think it’s a good common ground for designers and developers even though some these some developers consider this to be toy programming it’s actually quite powerful so if there is one uptake for you if you have never used a visual programming.

Language is if it’s being proposed by a designer try not to roll your eyes and explore the possibility I think testing is simpler because you don’t need to pester the the developers too much before you try out things that might not work you realize it yourself or they might point it out for you.

I think it encourages experimentation and that’s that’s a very important element of creativity and I think because it’s cheap it’s a small investment that can yield very important results the downside to be perfectly honest is there’s there’s a few that are classically pointed out like visual programming languages can have a steep learning curve discipline is needed because you can.

Get caught in the exploration loop we can be exploring and experimenting forever if you don’t if you’re not careful because it’s.

Just so absorbed I suppose that happens with developers do but at some point.

You need to chop it off so some detachment is necessary kill your darlings and your your prototypes and move.

On into the real world when when the stage has come and I’m not selling the speed as everything as the only element faster is not necessarily better but it is it is a good resort when.

You just want to try out an idea and of course the the the nature of visual programming language or tools can lead to these spaghetti monsters but that’s up to we can have messy code to write that.

Is covering many many more lines than needed I think the same thing applies to visual programming languages wow I managed to finish on time thank you I’ll be posting an article soon so if you want to follow me on LinkedIn it’s my.

Colleague later on from eggs if you want to if you’re interested in other design matters he’ll be doing a presentation for designing for consumers succeeding with professionals thank you very much yeah yes and no I mean you’re able to you’re able to export curves you’re able to export different.

Types of assets and rendered.

Elements but if I understand your question correctly no not like that not to bootstrap oh.

Wait yes well if you if you are aiming to integrate this into a development pipeline.

For real I mean I’m presenting this as just a testbed for ideas that you can discuss with developers not to take materially as code but there are products developed and running with this but what is then done is to separate different elements and you can have like I I mentioned you can have Python running in it and those can be does those elements can be shared among development teams and they can contribute so it can be a much more Python based network than that that I showed yeah anything almost so far it’s almost.

Any I mean not not exotic picture image formats but it supports anything pngs gave PS DS Tiff’s is actually the the the object that brings in images is called movie file in and the name is telling you that it also it’s the same object it doesn’t care if it’s an image file.

Or a video file so as long as it’s in the supported list and you will find that in the derivative page the file formats that are supported but this is I think it’s all the normal ones you would you would need to use of course there’s nothing else asking questions so yeah construct elements it depends.

On what but like to create those like to create those little those little round petals that I had around the dashboard that speedometer dial I basically described the shape once with with actually geometries.

You’re just describing a geometry you saying I want half a circle only the outline and then you inverted at the other end and then you say connected to boom and then from that.

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