Hello my name is masala also known as crash in I butyl what are high in low level programming languages you know what their differences are a low level programming language is a programming languages provides little or no abstraction for a computer’s instruction set architecture comments or functions in the language web closely to the processor instructions usually referring through.

Either machine code or assembly language I’m showing you in his image some examples at left you have machine code and assembly code in the top right to have C++.

In Python but higher level in the left ones a net bottom right vitami basic which are a lot higher.

Level basically a high level language is a programming language designed to simplify computer programming it is high-level since it is several steps removed from actual code run on a computer’s processor high-level source code contains easy to.

Read syntax and is later converted into low-level language which can be recognized in run by specific CPU the word low refers.

To small or non-existent amount of.

Abstraction between the language.

Itself in machine language because of these low-level languages are sometimes described as being close to part where in programs written in low-level languages tend to be relatively low portable because they tend to adapt specifically to architecture of the machine they are reprogrammed into while the higher level languages can be programmed in higher level.

Abstraction in compiled let them to several machines because as they were programmed in low level they can be adapted to other machines so the lower the code is the more it tends to be adept to the machine itself.

To the machine it was programmed into and the less portable it tends to be for example Java or Python can run almost everywhere C++ can run in lots of platforms depending on the level of abstraction it use per if it used too much to civic CPU architectural characteristics while assembly will only be used on the machine it was designed to for example x86 assembly would run only on x86 machines and not come over Amiga versions for example Python would be.

The same on different machines but you can see in this image the difference between x86 assembly in the assembly from Commodore Amiga or the ZX Spectrum machines a lot different because they are specific to different processors seemly or machine code itself are executed directly without the need of any compiler or interpreter they are.

Very efficient and allow us lots of.

Things like memory location and.

Are excellent for the creation of operating systems but at the same time they are harder to use the lower the level of the computer language the higher intelligence you need to have to understand it.

Would be easier to learn for everybody or even basic the lower the level of the programming.

Language the higher capabilities of abstraction you need to have on your brain to do the abstraction that they are doing for you and at the high level language like basic or python already do for you making them easier to understand higher-level languages are less efficient induce more memory than lower-level languages which can cover to machine code without compilers or.

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