Interpreters then run directly on the processor at the same time the lower the level language is the harder to read modify or reverse engineer ities through machine code is a stream of raw usually binary data a programmer coding in machine code usually code Cistercians in that in a more readable form.

Such as decimal octal or hexadecimal which is translated to internal format by a program called a loader or top into the computer’s memory from the front panel it was common to send machine Cantera to memory through basic nods the expert rooms as you can see in this image I’m showing you an image of the expert on basic codes in which you would insert I led me to memory a bunch of.

Machine code values as you can see we can’t understand what they mean without a lot of training memorizing because we are seeing numbers and not instructions it’s even harder than assembly because each one of these numbers can represent a value or an instruction so we.

Would have to memorize all those instructions to know if each one of these numbers represents an instruction.

Or a number so it would be very hard for you to understand is this way computer machine code is usually.

Zeros debate and if you separate those beats in groups of.

Eight beats you would have bites and you could represent those bites in decimal or hexadecimal values and if you represent to us own decimal values you would have various ranging from 0 to 255 and you would have to memorize which of those word instructions or values to be able to understand this as same would allows you to understand better the machine code because you would see instructions and.

Varies in a separate way on lower level languages we had to think about things like registers and memory management but higher-level languages we don’t need to think about that and we could think about functions objects in.

All abstractions its level of language is relative to the programmer for a patent programmer C is very low level.

Of language and for AC programmer assembly is a low level language and for an assembly programmer C is a.

Higher level language although not as high as Python or basic you can see in this example that.

Languages are a lot higher level programming like Python in Java which is not as high level as fighting but easier than.

C++ anyway C++ is only used because it is very very very powerful as you can see in this chart the higher popular programming languages like Python are more used then lower level ones like C++ a syphilis process you use because there are things that can only be done with lower level programming languages like C++ Java slim assembly and not Java in others so it is still used a lot nowadays.

But as companies needs more and more computer programmers nowadays and there are more high IQ programmers than before net in DC is.

To have more and more easy to copy programming languages same before so that companies can hire people with less.

IQ unless mathematical or logical or abstraction capabilities then if they use C++ or assembly this way they can hire a lot more people paying less salaries and the tendencies to have.

Lot more programmers with lower.

Abstraction capabilities programming in higher-level languages like Python in less programmers programming in C++ so Python is more used nowadays than ever as it is a lot easier to learn and not cheaper to the companies you can see in this image in these pyramids where the high-level languages stand in relation to low-level languages but remember that he C++.

Is a lot not lower level in Java and others and a lot harder although they appear to be at the same level at this pyramid but a C++ is able to do object-oriented programming.

It can be more abstract in Java anyway because of the way others are object-oriented programming C++ is perfect in my part of view very powerful in allowing very high abstraction levels though there are some confusing things about languages C++ is a lot lower.

Language in Java in Java is easier to use in learn pass applause-plause yet some abstraction capabilities butene in this search having other powers see here in java didn’t it is the lower level language in java but at the same time it can be a higher level language in java as it is able to use a higher abstraction level to understand these you must realize that the word level in this case refers to abstraction level so although C++ is a lot more.

A lot lower level in Java it can be higher level at the same time as it is able to do a lot more abstraction in Java in its object-oriented programming now what’s these abstraction our BOTS image that you are coding a racing cars game like a Formula one games in such again the low level would refer to the bits in the memory in the very high level refers to the.

Cars themselves their tiles and joins the racing tracks etc so in C++ you are able to go into a lot more specific details in.

The computer’s memory than in Java for example moving some bits of memory or to convert an arbitrary integral to a pointer in D&D reference layer title to access shaft or Atari location in the memory lighter things so long lever that can’t be done in Java because in C++ you have a lot more power on the.

Machine for each of our programming in things you won’t understand but if I will explain to you in later lessons but.

On the other hand C++ is a C with added object-oriented programming which I will explain to you later lessons and such is capable of very high abstractions in object-oriented programming in such a way that all those card styles in Giants racetracks etcetera we.

Represent it in such a way that you almost.

Forget that you were calling into a binary machine and in the so high level it couldn’t ever be done in Java.

So C++ is a lot more powerful than Java it is lower level in Java but at the same time it can be a lot more higher level than Java seek about Java as a language it has removed the low level 3 cc of C++ and we get a lot of its power but at the same time they also removed a very high level.

Tier 3 cc there so Java is an oversimplification of C++ I guess you will now have an idea of what high and low level languages are the closer to human language they are the higher they are.

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