I mean the more abstraction they.

Have the higher they are the closer to machine codes or the less abstractions they have the lower they are C++ is lower level in Java in s such being a lot more powerful but as it provides more abstractions we talk its object-oriented programming it can be higher level also than Java which is a curious case that’s why I love C++ it can be.

Very high level with object-oriented programming but at the same time a.

Lot more powerful in higher-level languages like Java but as it is a lot more complicated and in other languages people don’t use it nowadays as.

It is harder to learn so yes in diversity people teach a lot fight and a.

Not C++ there are knots in lots and lots of programmers of.

Python are they unless programmers of C++.

Which is a hardware language although it is a lot more powerful so there is a tendency of using more Python in C++ but don’t forget it C++ is a lot more powerful than fight it in other languages but is a lot harder to understand and for example.

I’m showing now an algorithm that I’ve written in C++ which is used to draw my face at the screen with some chars and you can see with these algorithms how complicated C++ can be and how powerful it can.

Be also doing a lot of things in with.

A very low amount of gold and you can try hard but really really hard to do something as difficult as these in basic in Python and you won’t be able to because basically in Python.

Is a lot less powerful and it is so easy so easy.

To learn that you can’t do algorithms this complicated or even more complicated in these.

With Python in basic and I’m not trying to show you that.

Programming very hard algorithms is good I’m trying to show only that C++ can be a lot harder to learn and that.

Can require a lot more abstraction capabilities from its programmers then Python or basic and that’s why in some cases there are algorithm so hard so hard to understand for.

Python programs for example there are our algorithms that can’t be easily understood people with high q– slower than a.

Certain amount I can tell with yet this algorithm is easy to understand to an experience C + + programmer but if you grab some Python programmers that have an IQ lower than a certain amount they can be watching these for weeks and they won’t understand this they can even be taught how these works and they can tell we are these works like these in like this because someone taught them that but they won’t understand these perfectly in in their minds they can’t abstract their minds enough to understand this if they have an IQ lower than.

A certain amount but that doesn’t stop them from from being good programmers in fighting ok what I’m telling you is that very high level languages are easier to learn and.

Require less intelligence from these programmers in C++ can have algorithms.

So complex that they require a certain amount of IQ and it’s averages in abstraction can be with this form it’s programmers in order for them to use it so the lower level the programming languages are the higher they are to be understood we learn and that’s the reason why nowadays companies our recruiting programmers that program on higher level languages like fightin because there are a lot more of them.

It’s a lot easier to learn and a lot cheaper for the companies C++ programmers are only used in certain specific cases like assembly programmers like programming operating systems etcetera I hope you like this video if you.

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