All right everybody this is going to be an ambitious video ten languages discussed just to give you an overview because people are always asking what do you think of this what do you think it would even use C++ what do you think of C what do you think of prepped Python where you think of Ruby what do you.

Think of sleuth so I’m going to give you a quick overview of I don’t know about ten languages now super quickly understand how they’re used what type of business what type of work that they do so you can make a decision as to what you want.

To focus in at this particular moment in time so we’ll start off with C C++ these are lower-level languages what I mean by.

Lower-level meaning they’re closer to the CPU what does that mean it means basically it run really really fast so people use C and C++ to create either little apps that control devices like watches or thermostats or something devices that don’t.

Have a lot of horsepower don’t have a lot of CPU so you need a very.

Fast efficient language so when you’re.

Writing C C++ code you’re writing for those kind of devices you may be writing a gaming engine like D I think the Unreal Engine or something or whatever it is there’s all these gaming engines any type of very high performance program will be written in these languages so these languages are not great for freelancers these languages or for people who I don’t want to look.

Work for a company these are languages that are used to build software that is not client facing what is that what does that mean that means that these are either writing software if it’s not actually people don’t interact with there’s going to be no views typically well having exceptions you know we would write apps like Adobe Photoshop.

But you would have to go work at Adobe or something so you understand C++ C you’re working for big companies big corporations.

Usually for high performance requirement required programs and apps okay all right let’s get into the next one Java Java was invented to make it easier to write code of easier than C++ there’s a bunch of things bunch of bookkeeping a bunch of things you have to manage with C++ that you don’t have to manage.

With Java the downside with Java is that it is slow compared C++ it runs really slow but for many many types of that many business apps Java runs plenty fast and has plenty capable what the big advantage with Java is that it’s easier to write.

In some respects of C++ and it gets the job done faster especially for type of apps like web apps and stuff you would have read in a web app and C++ you could but it would be it’d be crazy it would take you forever to do it you do it in Java much much.

Quicker much quicker indeed GI was also used in Android development as well although that might be fading because there’s a new snizhne.

Blur faster language called Kotlin I think it is that Google has endorsed and it’s it’s easier and faster to write with Colin over Java so Java may fade in terms of being used.

To create apps for Android devices but today Java is used hugely for legacy apps legacy apps that are web-based and server based again working for very large corporations and the most popular framework which is basically a giant library loose loosely it’s the library is called spring so if you’re doing Java probably be doing Java spring with the spring framework or you might be doing Java for Android development there’s other uses for Java but those are I think the dominant.

Uses so Java again easier to write in certain respects of an C C++ but it runs much slower but it’s also has more flexibility in other ways as well since you’re getting this right things really really quickly alright let’s jump into python python general-purpose language you think.

Java runs slow woohoo Python runs really slow nonetheless python is really easy to learn really easy to write easier than Java so see yeah it’s kind of abstract super fast but it’s hard you got.

To write a lot of code and take care of a lot of bookkeeping if you want to get anything done C++ a little.

Easier a little faster not faster but faster right but still still super fast with us running Java much slower but easier.

To write thing with C++ and C when you write that code it’s for one platform so you write an app in C++ it runs so Windows doesn’t run on Mac you’re gonna have to rewrite it for Mac blah blah blah blah with Java the theory is you write it once Java it runs all over the place so I’m Mac on Windows wherever it runs that’s.

One of the advantages of Java Python pretty much the same thing as well it runs on different operating systems Linux Windows Mac excetera it’s used a lot in machine learning robotics it’s used in web scraping server automation it’s one.

Of those general-purpose languages means use all replaced easy to.

Learn the syntax of code that you actually write is actually pretty readable pretty human readable much easier to get going with Python than it is with Java but it’s very slow at runtime but computers are so fast these days and for certain types of applications X or aspects of machine learning certain app aspects of AI certain web apps it’s plenty fast it does a.

Job with switch over next language javascript javascript ho not related to java in any way it is a different type of language it’s a it’s a scripting language what does that mean it’s kind of more.

Of a lightweight language so you can get stuff even faster JavaScript was invented to add programming capabilities to web browsers and that’s at around the same time as Java in.

1995 94 something like that because 95 and Java has now been transported moved to two server with this engine called Noah Jaso JavaScript actually runs really fast and it’s used for does a really good job of messaging system so let’s use quite.

A bit there javascript was one of those.

Essential languages if you’re.

Doing web stack you’re learning JavaScript in some form or another so that’s another language you could use and you’re looking at Java you’re looking at writing client.

Facing web apps that’s what it is you could also use it to create mobile apps use with the help of the react native library but I don’t want to go into too many details but now you know what.

You have Script basically does you’re doing the web and it’s more client oriented type of code as opposed to writing the code that manages a clock that that’s what C or C++ would do okay.

Talk jump to the next language PHP PHP is a server-side programming scripting language and it’s gets a lot of bad press because of old.

Versions of PHP let me just say for the record today PHP 7 plus is just as capable as any other programming language and I would say for freelance developers web developers rather it is the language PHP is use 99% at a time to do web app web app development so Facebook.

Is create with PHP as an example this primitive biggest example so PHP can produce huge apps but it’s used quite a bit I think 80 to 90 well 80 odd percent of business websites are run on PHP think about 80 percent but part.

Of that reason is because WordPress is created with PHP WordPress is Joomla is Drupal is they’re all creative PHP and so many shopping.

Cart systems etc etc are created with PHP so PHP is huge so if you want to do freelancing you.

Want to build small apps PHP I think is the best choice because of not just.

The fact that it’s easy to approach it’s very powerful it’s very refined at this point but it runs really fast like in terms of runtime terms of when it runs PHP is far faster in Python far faster than Ruby which is another language.

That’s used for create web apps so PHP is another option that you have open.

Talk about Swift Apple Swift Apple came up to Swift language I believe in 2014 and why did he come up with Swift a light nimble language which is kind of Python like not exactly Python but it’s Python like in that it’s light nimble easy to read that they wanted something to replace their old Objective C Objective C is kind of a flavor of C and it’s heavy-duty it can be a pain in the butt to program Objective C so this is.

For writing iOS apps and Mac o has apps so they came up with Swift which is their answer to writing really fast to write apps really quickly for iOS or for Mac OS now here’s the thing two important things about Swiss Swift was.

Open source by Apple meaning anybody can start contributing to it so I BM took it up and now iBM is doing some pretty cool stuff using Swift to create services.

Based server-side services you have to go look that know basically iBM is looking at a new style.

Of web app using Swift as the backbone why Swift.

Cuz it’s easy to write etc but here’s the cool thing about Swift it’s super fast it’s nearly as fast as c plus plus that means swift at runtime is faster then much faster than Java my shots from PHP.

Much faster than Ruby much faster and Python metric might roster in JavaScript probably I’d have to check.

That but it prevents super super fast so that’s the advantage of Swift on the server is still kind of very nice she right now is just beginning and who knows if it’s actually going to go anywhere I’m recording of us a 2018 so right now if you learn Swift you’re basically just doing iOS apps for for it but nonetheless it is out there all right SQL SQL is kind.

Of a strange languages it’s a 4gl language fourth-generation language g io generation language SQL is the language of relational databases the most popular type of database out there there are many relational databases out there there’s MySQL server there’s Microsoft sequel server or SQL Server there’s Oracle there’s post-grad may many SQL based databases or other words otherwise called relational databases SQL is the universal language of these databases and SQL is used to actually talk to date database is used to and request two databases update the databases read from the database delete records from the.

Database it’s a simple language it’s actually designed to be easy to read and write reads like human so and the four basic operations of SQL language is credits.

Create read update delete these are for operations these are for things you do to databases remember a database is just a program that holds information stores information is a base of data data as a nerd word for information so crud is create you create a record you know a story this guy bought two apples you read a record and you read from the database how many apples did he buy you update the record.

He’s gonna buy an extra two apples and you delete the records not gonna buy any apples he’s had enough so.

That’s the crud operations so you see that like in my course I have a crud course I teach you how to do those basics and guess what the vast majority of time when you’re doing with apps web apps especially any client-facing apps apps that people interact with you’re storing the information at some point you got to save it right somebody creates a document somebody creates an order on Amazon etc etc etc this information have to be safe.

A lot of the times it’s saved to a relational database and that’s where SQL comes in so if you’re doing any type of web programming there’s a 99% chance you’re going to learn SQL great thing.

About SQL you don’t have to be a super wizard in it and it’s actually pretty easy.

To learn the last language are going to cover there’s so many other languages but this is the last language you’re going to cover because I think these are the ones you’re going to mostly run.

Into c-sharp c-sharp is a Microsoft language for the platform you use Microsoft c-sharp to write things like web apps using which is their framework for writing web apps so if.

You don’t know what that is don’t worry about it basically a c-sharp could be.

Could be used to write Microsoft apps for Windows it could be used to create games and engines I think certain engines will I use games with c-sharp I forget the name of the engine you can look I think unity is the name I don’t do that kind of programming so I’m not too familiar with it so c-sharp is another viable option C sharp is a language that freelance gigs again maybe doing some freelance.

And C sharp mostly alert but.

I think what c-sharp would like so many of the other languages you’re going to be working for a company typically but c-sharp it’s kind of a general-purpose language but I think it’s morally mainly.

If you’re doing work with Microsoft products and that’s it where’s Java does we discuss that PHP is the king for freelance I’ll talk.

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