About Ruby quickly Ruby is that a clever little language about 20 years old as well and it’s used largely for web app creation using the Rails framework but it’s slowly falling into nish there’s still jobs high paying jobs.

With rooby-roo is a great language I’m not.

Critical of any of these languages technically by the way they all have their strengths and their weaknesses and they all have their use cases meaning there’s certain places where Ruby would do better and certain pages where PHP would do better but the fact that matters Ruby had.

Its heyday in the mid 2000s I think 2007 2008 that’s when it peaked it’s been a slow decline because all the new hipster nerds are moving into JavaScript and PHP is super dominant for the small business space 80% of websites dynamic sites are powered by PHP for enterprise or big huge organizations you’re either looking at asp.net c-sharp or you’re looking at Java so for machine learning you’re looking at Python maybe if yeah for Python and you’re maybe C C++ for machine learning where they create the engines.

And C++ and maybe they work with Python to do that so.

Much information in this vlog but it was just designed to give you a quick overview so you understand where each of these languages stand in the marketplace when you’re looking at a language you’re looking at any technology don’t just consider the technical.

Nerd arguments try to consider the lifestyle arguments what does this language do for your life where does it take you.

In terms of the type of work job or business opportunities I hope that helps but my.

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