Since its launch in July, Google’s Chromecast has been slowly adding new options to what you can beam directly from your computer onto your television. With popular streaming options like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and HBOGO, there’s quite a lot to keep viewers busy, but with Google’s latest announcement you can expect even more out of the little $35 gizmo. After just over six months, Google has released the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers.

This means that developers now have all the tools necessary to build apps and websites that are Chromecast compatible. For end users of the Chromecast, it means that there could be a whole new world of entertainment waiting for them on their television sets.

Developers who want to find out more about their options and what they can expect should keep tabs on the Google Developers Blog. For the rest of us, bookmark the Chromecast Apps page where you can see all the new options that will be available to you. With an incredibly vibrant ecosystem built around Google’s Android platform, we can only imagine how many more creative uses for the  Chromecast we’ll be presented with.

To find out more about the Google Cast SDK, check out the video below:

Will you be building any interesting apps for the Google Chromecast? Let us know about them in the comments.

Source: Chromecast Blog | Image Credits: Chromecast Via Flickr

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